S1 Soundstage 47.50x30 metre
     S2 Soundstage 20x24 metre
     S3 Soundstage 36x24 metre
     S4 Soundstage 47.50x30 metre
     S8 Ratchaphruek Mansion
     S9 Ruan Mai Thong Thai House
     B5 Nanglerng
     S1 Ratchadamnoen
     S2 Erawan
     S3 Charoenkrung
     S4 Sukhumvit
     B5 Nanglerng
     B6 Udomsuk Station
     B7 Ratchaburana Building
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24 February 2019
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 Practical Set Studio S3
 S3 : Charoenkrung
Merit of Studio

       Studio S3 Charoenkrung : This large soundstage is suited for large and medium sized set-ups, and comes ready with every convenience for filming. The exterior is reminiscent of shophouses found along Bangkok’s Chareonkrung road in olden times, ready to perfectly serve as a background for scenes from a bygone era.
     Particularities : The three-stories concrete building with its main function as soundstage has the exterior of shophouses found along Chareonkrung road. There is a steel structure for attaching temporary set pieces.

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